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It is always nice to receive an email from one of my wonderful visitors, and it really gives me a wonderful feeling to know that they enjoyed their visit.

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Oh I just had to write and tell you I LOVE your web site.  I normally don't send emails to companies but your site just was so neat I had to let you know.  I am going to definately bookmark your site.  Thanks so much.   Sharon

LOVE  your site.  It's one of my favorite sites. I love your designs and craftmanship.  Annek

I ADORE your patterns! I can do them a lot faster than my other patterns because yours are simple! (The BEST kind!) The other patterns that I have are so detailed that it takes me a full day to make one stitchery! With yours. I can do at LEAST one per HOUR! I LOVE IT! Time is money in the craft business!

I just want to add how much I enjoy your sight. Your words of inspiration and cute patterns are really good

I think you have THE coziest place on the web! Here I thought my site was cozy but yours is so welcoming and dear. I loved reading the gazettes and have told my snowman stitching guild on yahoo about the snowman one

This is so neat! I had a hard time getting off because it was time for me to get ready for work.  Can't wait till I get home from work to continue checking you all out!!!  Please keep up the great work.

You have a really cute, comfortable web site.  I enjoyed looking at your pages.   Barbara

had to let you know that this is the best web site I've ever visited.  I love the country stitchery patterns but the whole "feeling" of the site is just too much fun.  I sat down last evening after everyone had gone to bed to play around on the internet, found the mall crawl and your site.  I was up way too late but it was so interesting I couldn't stop - the links were great and the music is just the best addition.

Help! I've been there for 25 minutes and my family is begging for dinner.: )  Great job, it's really cute and fun. I'll be going back tonight to see the things I missed

What a lovely site!  It feels very homey and the items you have are wonderful!  I will definitely be back to order, but tonight I am just browsing.  This site is truly welcoming and warm.  Thanks!

Luv Luv Luv your site!!!  You must work very hard at this everyday............so many adorable things!!!  Thank you.....it inspires me so to look around a site like this!   Nicki Lovely 

This has to be one of the most charming sites on the internet. Not only do I love everything you offer but I especially appreciate the fact that you have created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all you visit. It is so easy to see that you put a lot of time, talent and love into everything you make!

first time visitor and happy to be so. You site graphics and layout are just up my alley. I will return often as I am addicted to primitive and folk art both in my quilting and stitching   thank you for your efforts and generosity in sharing your incrediable abilities with others.

Out of all the websites I have visited in the mystery shops, fabshops, etc....your's is my favorite...I have bookmarked....will be back.

I've marked your site!  it is great!  Adorable patterns and wonderful site!  This is my first visit and  I believe it is going to be fun.

Loved your site, especially your newsletter.  I love your old timey look. YOUR SITE IS FUN TO LOOK AT.  I love the homespun feel to your site.

As I looked through your site, I found several of your patterns I already have....glad to see you made it to the "web" and I found you...will be back soon to order.  Also, plan to join your pattern club...great idea!!!

Lovely site!  I love your patterns. I love Rag dolls.  I just love your site and am so happy I found it.  What a lovely site this is, must return again.  Chrissie in UK

Such cute patterns!  I have bookmarked your site so that I can come back and spend more time browsing - especially in the 'Angels' and Holiday sections

Wonderful site!  Easy to find items, colorful and quite a variety.  I love looking at the dolls on your site!  The Raggedy Ann is my favorite page.  Ginny J

Loved all your patterns!!! Especially the Raggedy's and wearables. Keep up the good work.  Jackie

Wow, I am so glad I found your site!  You definitely a busy person with all these cute patterns.  Love this site -- will be back after Mall Crawl

Great web site; love the graphics.  Real warm and homey site.  Enjoyed browsing - interesting and unusual items. Jane

A very neat site.  Enjoyed looking at all your goodies.  Loved your site. I'll be back...lol

Thank You sooo much for adding my name to your mailing list and I'm passing your site on to lots of my friends!!!!  It's absolutely wonderful.  No, I didn't get to the valentines yet, had to shower & get dressed before someone came to my door....I had been checking everything out & had to  finally make myself close it up for a bit !!! Rosie

Your website looks great !  I look forward to getting updates!

This is a very whimsical site.  I'm not finished looking around and I will be bookmarking for future shopping.  Thanks for being so creative.

Adorable website. I'll be back. Mary

BEAUTIFUL Web site, nicely done!  love your pages.. two of my favorite things.. dolls and quilts... nice

Hi. I live in Iceland where the weather is lousy at the moment so I am sitting at my computer browsing over the Net. Your site is an interesting one, I am here for the first but definitely the last time. The look of your site is delightful  and charming.  Until next time,  Hronn from Iceland

Extremely relaxing and filled with love and happiness and all kinds of good things.  Very talented.

this is a really nice site I will return time and again I just joined the mall crawl that is how I found you thanks for such a good site  cherry

 LOVE it!! It is so great ~ made me smile :0)  You have a lovely site!  I thought your website was great!!!

Really like your patterns and enjoyed your site very much!!!! I have bookmarked you so I can comeback and spend some cash!!!!  LOL  I have some boutiques coming up in October and November and your patterns will sell very well, they are just too cute!!! I wish you lots of best wishes and tons of sales!!


Great site. Love your rustic patterns! Santa's are wonderful - love the interpretations w/other animals. You're very creative!

I love your site it is very interesting and your doll patterns are great

HI! I REALLY love your site. I do lots of crafts. Love stitchery projects and do small quilting projects. Particurly like primitive projects because they are usually fast and just love the look. I will be stopping back by. I bookmarked you!

You have a beautiful site!  Congrats for the great job!  HUGZ  CRIS

Excellent site. Love them all.  I love your site-it's full of heart!

Your patterns are wonderful, I especially like the angels

Hi,  Love your patterns.  Such fun and happy designs.  Very nice site.

This is a very cute site and I look forward to looking through all your patterns and getting new ideas for more sewing projects. Sincerely, Debbie 

You have a beautifully constructed site,  Just loved all your Dolls.  I'll be back

wonderful site, beautiful designs!  I love your site! It's so refreshingly country!

Love the country flavor of all the patterns.  I'm joining that pattern club.. can't wait to see what the mail brings--Marcia

You have a lovely site!  At this time I do not plan on making the frog as I have no time but I copied it for my 90 yr old granny who loves to sew when she can and she loves frogs. I will be visiting you again.  Thanks for the pattern Martha

Your shop looks so cute, can't wait to get in and look around with my cyber eyes! 

Cool Site!  I think I will enjoy this!  Darling patterns.   Very cute site, love the frogs!

First, the site itself is adorable! The graphics are so cute and country. Second, thanks for a chance to win. I think it's great that you are giving away a prize. And third, the dolls! I absolutely love all the rag dolls. I wish I could bring every one of them home with me.

Lovely site - very interesting patterns!  What fun!  I'll be back, again and again.

Your patterns are terrific!  Thanks for participating in the Mystery Quilt Treasure Hunt. What fun!

Great site, can't wait to show it to my sister she loves this type quilting

Dear Miss Connie, Just wanted to say, hello, and thanks for being part of the "hunt".  I have really enjoyed browsing your site and am so impressed by your wonderful imagination!  Keep it up!  Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  Sincerely, Christina

very nice site!  I'm sure I'll be visiting often... I didn't really need a new hobby, but I gotta make some of these adorable dollz!!!

Loved this site, Even the graphics give one quilting ideals.

your site is fun and informative. I like how friendly and happy it is.  Thank you. Great Patterns and lots of fun!  Raye Ann

Your site is very nice. I love the graphics and the value is good.Really cute site!  I enjoyed looking at all your neat stuff.  Keep up the good work

Your site has brought a small smile to my lips.  I didn't know how much I like the rag dolls...now I know.  Thank you. I absolutely love your patterns!

First visit.  Need to find more time to sew and quilt.  Guess it would help if I didn't spend it online but I'm enjoying the sites.  Thanks for being online.

Wow!! What a site!!!  I absolutely love it.  I plan on DAYS of discovery and snickers.  Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

This treasure hunt has shown me some great sites.. but your's deals with FOLK stuff...just my style.. I'LL be back.  maryanne

I loved your web site, it was just wonderful.  Keep up the good work. It really kept me in front of my computer.

I really enjoy looking at your site, your sense of humor is wonderful!!!!!  I will be back!!!

Wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  very cute patterns, love the cats!!!!!!

Just loved the newsletter!  I spent most of the afternoon just looking in all the nooks and crannies.   The tips are great

This is a great site!  I may never leave! :-)

I think your stitchery are very sweet. You thought of everything in your sayings. Some made me feel real good inside. I just love raggedy ann and andy.My husbands name is andy and my middle name is ann. I have his raggedy andy doll that was given to him when he was born. I was really glad to see you included some in your work.

Love your stuff! And your site. I wish I could buy one of everything!

I am a big fan of frogs in general and when I saw this pattern....I just have to make it!!  I can't wait to get started.  Thanks for the great pattern.  He will have a great home with all my other frog things!

LOVE YOUR WEB SITE!!!! Your patterns are BEAUTIFUL!!  I WILL be back!!

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site.  Gorgeous Wonderful site!   Incredible products!  Big Hugs  Chanelle

I visit your site often,  Its very very nice and special.  But glad to know that I`m  not the only man doing the quilting bit,,,, A little comfort in that,,,, Keep up the good work Connie and I will be back,,,,          Harry

I just love your site, so much to choose from I don't know which one to choose.

How's the Gazette doing?  Did you do that yourself?  Your talents are endless.  What's the theme for next month?  Hearts? I can't wait.  I tell everyone I talk to about it.  It really is the neatest country ezine around.  Keep up the good work.

I am passing this neat website along to my quilt club friends!  I'm glad I came across it.  I was searching for quilt stencils...but really enjoyed this site!  I may join the club sometime

You have one of the best sites I have ever seen.  I will highly recommend it to my friends

Just surfing the web and I must say I love the way your screens transform- it gives me a little thrill.  I haven't seen any other website that does this.  You must have a real creative professional helping you out.  A friend of mine does video editing and this is something I see in his work.  Congratulations on a wonderful site

Vibrant and country to a tee. Loved it!

Your site made my day, it is a mild dreary day here in New York I happened on to your site, through mall walk and had such a neat time. I laughed and spirits were lifted. I have put this site in my favorites and sent it on to several friends. Congratulations on a great site.

This has to be the neatest web site I have been toReally cute & homespun--I love it! warm & cozy.  Great place to visit!

Oh I love your website, designs and varieties things in it.

This is the best newsletter/e-mail/site I think I have found!!! Please don't change a thing. You can bet I will be back over and over.......so much fun.  Thanks so much for all the time and work you put into it and for sharing it with

This is the cutest thing I've seen since the last news letter.  I've watched
that one a lot because it makes me smile.  And this one is even better.  Keep up the good work.

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