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       Spring       no. 247

       Summer      no. 248

For everything there is season. From one small seed of kindness friendship grows.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and Raggettie Annie and Andrew sampler.

For everything there is a season. Weed out bad thoughts.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and Raggettie Annie and Andrew sampler.

        Fall      no. 249

        Winter      no. 250

For everything there is a Season. Harvest love.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and RaggedyAnnie and Andrew sampler.

For everything there is a season. Celebrate the Joy.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and Raggedy Annie and Andrew sampler.

      Friends      no. 181

      Jessica Lynne      no. 130

.Little by little, day by day – flowers and friendships grow that way.  Pattern includes 10" doll and raggettie Annie doll; 4" doll pin and 8" x 13" mini quilt with easy applique.

Who can resist the smile of a raggedy Ann?  Pattern includes easy Raggettie Annie applique with painted face for adult or child’s shirt, 22" doll with her own Raggedy Ann applique and 11" Raggedy Anne and Andy mini quilts.

 Hattie & Homer Hobart     no. 131

   Tattered Annie & Nettie    no. 216

I spit a seed into the air, it landed I know not where – but with God’s gentle care delicious fruit it will bear.  Pattern includes 20" boy or girl doll, 10" doll and 9" x 24" mini quilt *Please note- no offense is meant with this pattern - she is just as adorable using natural muslin and any pattern of fabric. The love of watermelon is universal.

Pattern includes 32" and 10" rag dolls with stitchery apron that can be made into a sampler.


     Miss Liberty         no. 224

   Tripping Over the Moon    no. 243

My country tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty of thee I sew.  32" rag doll with stitchery apron

Ho Ho Ho! Santa says, as Rudolph trips over the moon.  Pattern includes crescent moon with stitchery, 12" reindeer in socks and wood birdhouse base.

   Mary "Lizabeth O'hara     no. 127

     Every Bunny Welcome     no. 203

This bunny family will hop right into your heart.  Pattern includes 19" boy and girl, 6" jointed baby and carrot patch mini quilt.


Oh no!!!! Another gray hare – actually 4 delightful bunny appliqués and a large fuzzy white bunny to cuddle.  Pattern includes 9" x 34" welcome wall hanging with bunny appliqués (very easy to make and no appliqué skills needed) and a 21" bunny.

      Gardenia Rose     no. 222

     Seeds & Weeds      no. 226

God is in charge of flowers and trees. I am in charge of weeds and seeds.  Pattern includes 32" rabbit and 6" rabbit in a painted gardening glove. The stitchery apron can be made into a sampler or pillow top.

God is in charge of flowers and trees; I am in charge of seeds and weeds.  Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), 2 stitchery mini quilts - boy rabbit sitting with carrots and girl rabbit sitting with carrots, painted seed packet and painted shrink art buttons – boy, girl, seed packet.

   Blessed are the Piecemakers    no. 213

      Stitched with Love    no. 220

.A special angel for all quilters and those who love to craft and sew. A unique pattern using felt and quilt squares.  Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), sewing angel wall hanging and 10" angel doll..

Three fun and easy samplers used as panels on the back of a vest, made into pillows or framed.  Pattern includes Flag, snowman and rabbit stitcheries.

  Warm Winter Wishes    no. 230

  Barnyard Yuletide     no. 168

Bundle up warm and come out to play with Mrs. Snowlady and her adorable baby.  Pattern includes 22" and 6" snowlady. Stitchery on the apron can be used for a wall hanging or pillow top.

Santa traded in Rudolph for a new herd of "reindeer".  Pattern includes directions for making 18" barbed wire star, 6" Santa, cow, pig, duck and stars. Pattern also includes a snowflake wall hanging.

From Ghoulies and Ghosties    no. 197

    Black Cats        no. 206

From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, good Lord deliver us.  Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), 8" x 11" mini quilts, 15" wall hanging and 11" black cat.

Sing a song of Halloween, pumpkins everywhere. Cats and bats and witches are flying through the air.  Pattern includes 6", 9", 11" cat; 18" mini quilt; vest applique and pattern for painted ghost and pumpkin shrink art buttons.

  Bear Hugs Welcome     no. 186

   Teaching is a work of Heart     no. 194

Just knowing your Teddy Bear is home waiting at the day’s end – makes each day happier.  Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), 15" wall hanging, 8" x 11" mini quilt and 11" bear.

Teacher’s have a heart for children, for knowledge and for the future.  Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), 8" x 11" mini quilts, 15" wall hanging and 11" schoolgirl doll.


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